Battlestar Suburbia
In space... no one can hear you clean!

The Battlestar Books

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Battlestar Suburbia

Book One in The Battlestar Suburbia Series

When Darren accidentally short-circuited a robot with his signet ring he expected to go to prison. He never expected a chance encounter with a talking lamppost and a backstreet technician called Kelly to topple machine rule and bring the Internet back into the real world.

Battlestar Suburbia is an irreverent comic science fiction adventure set in a far distant future where humanity has been exiled to orbiting council planets or Dolestars. Meanwhile down on Earth robots descended from today's consumer electronics have concreted over the oceans and bus the human race in once a day to do the cleaning.

With a cast of characters that includes sentient breadmakers, hairdressers-turned-freedom fighters and armies of talking lolcats, Battlestar Suburbia will be loved by fans of Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, Jasper Fforde or classic Doctor Who.

Battlestar Suburbia is published by Farrago Books on 20 September 2018. Pre-order your copy on Amazon today.


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Battle Beyond The Dolestars

Book Two in The Battlestar Suburbia Series

It’s a year since the Battlestar Suburbia broke free from Earth and the human rebellion is hiding out in the asteroid belt. Their leader, the Admiral Janice, is assembling a fleet she hopes can topple robot rule – except on Wednesday afternoons when she can do you a half head of highlights for 30 quid.

Janice has given Darren, now the reluctant captain of the teenage starship Polari, a critical mission. But when it goes wrong, Janice has only one hope left, and she’s down back on Earth.

Here, sentient breadmaker Pamasonic Teffal is resisting the human-machine war the best way she knows how: by running for office. Until a distress signal gets her turbo-charged alter-ego Pam Van Damme out of mothballs. Can Pam save the solar system and rescue Kelly from the clutches of her nemesis, the crazed smartphone- turned- cyborg, Sonny Erikzon?

Find out in in another anarchic comic adventure from Chris McCrudden, published by Farrago Books in 2019.